London Beach Volley Club

Our friends over at the London Beach Volleyball Club have a mission we can really get behind:

“That all people wanting to play beach volleyball in Hackney
and throughout London have the opportunity to do so.”

We think they’re doing a great job promoting beach volleyball to the community through coaching and competitive opportunities and their value of fostering social inclusion. One problem they’ve encountered (and they’re not alone), however, is a shortage of courts to meet demand.


London Beach Volleyball Club (LBVC) started out with a handful of players getting together at the one beach court in London during the summer of 2006. These get-togethers quickly caught the eye of numerous passers by and the word spread around Shoreditch and greater London. Since it began, the number of club members has grown exponentially each year, with 120 members plus numerous casual players in 2010, and another 90 people on the waiting list.

In 2009, LBVC held an open session, which they advertised by email. Over 40 players then turned up to use the single court. Needless to say, there were a lot of spectators that day.

 A less than ideal situation when considering their goals.

Just like City Beach London, LBVC is working to bring more beach courts to London. You can visit them at to see what they’re up to.

Shoreditch Beach CourtShoreditch Beach CourtShoreditch Beach Court

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