Photosynth Tour of Epicenter
The image links  will take you to the photosynth of the Epicenter / Center Court Volleyball facility in Waukesha, WI (US).

The Epicenter was Kevin Quincey’s first project in building a large volleyball centre. It featured 8 indoor courts (with sport court flooring), 9 outdoor sand courts, a banquet hall seating more than 100 people, and two pubs. It is the largest facility in the Midwest US, one of the largest in the country, and regional centre for all USA Volleyball tournaments and many other events. Kevin was part of a 12 member entrepreneurial team that built it in 1993 and ran it for 8 years until a church bought it from them. They continued the volleyball and all functions as an income stream. The new (third) owner renamed it to “Center Court” and added basketball to the indoor activities.

Photosynth is a technology created by Microsoft research that creates 3-dimensional models from a collection of standard photographs. It uses elements that it recognises in overlapping pictures to associate the pictures spacialy and determine from where each was taken. This allows you to interactively walk through the pictures, see where in a picture another photo might offer additional detail. This creates a fun and interactive way to view the real world. It’s a step beyond Google’s “street view” and as it’s applied to very large collections of photos, like “Flickr” or Microsoft Live images, it might offer some exciting new ways to view our world. I hope you have as much fun flying through these as I had in taking them.

Note that the first time you use “PhotoSynth” you’ll be asked to install “Silverlight” and possibly a couple other supporting technologies that your computer needs. Not to worry – this is expected and it should be a painless installation (but please do let me know if you get stuck).

The above embedded photosynths may be a bit small to get the full affect so the links below open a new window and take you directly to a few of the parts of the model you may be interested in:

sign on building:

inside courts:

sand courts:

Try using the “Highlights” items to quickly move to photos we’ve marked. The icon at the bottom on the far right will let you see it in an expanded view. The play button will step you through various views (the order seems a bit random though – I’m still working on that). The arrow buttons try to turn your angle of view left, right, up, or down if pictures exist there. You can also click in the main view area on any picture whose outline you’ll see where it overlaps the one you are viewing.

Have fun with it.
Want to see it more firsthand? If you’re in the Milwaukee (US) area and want to see the Epicenter (now named Center Court), here’s where you can find it:

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