Facebook Developer

The technology that we are using and creating for this effort will central to the excellent customer experience we are going for.  We know that a very large percentage of our customers already interact with their friends in Facebook and we want to meet them there instead of pulling them to another static website.  Initially we need help in linking our website to our Facebook groups better so that we have a single source of valid information.  We’ve been able to add a couple “Like” buttons to our website pages but what we really want to add is a “Join” button or a webpart that exposes the Facebook group from Facebook so that a visitor can quickly and easily join the relevant one(s).  Later, we’ll be doing lots more with Facebook as we build out Facebook apps that help us to have more meaningful dialog with our customers around what matters to them and how we can further improve our service.

iPhone App Developer

Along with meeting people where they are in Facebook, we know may of our customers use mobile devices and we also want to meet them there too.  We reference the iPhone from time to time but we are not limitiing ourselves to a single platform.  We just use that as an example since most people know what it is.  Initially the iPhone (and Android and other webapps for other devices) app will help our customers see when they are scheduled to play next, when other people are requesting them to play, other times that are available for them to play, when their friends are playing.  It will handle all the commercial side of reserving time on a court and will (if allowed) access your own mobile device’s contact list to see when any of your non-Facebook friends are playing too.  Just like the Facebook development, we see the iPhone app taking on an ongoing life of it’s own.  In later versions we want to add referees, scoring, shared scoring so fans can see the score on their iPhones too, and even some augmented reality down the road where all iPhones in our app pointing at a court would be streaming their video to our servers allowing us to create a 3-D video model of a match with players names, stats, and scores integrated into the expeience for all to enjoy around the world.

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